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  “Every once in awhile, a dog enters your life and changes everything” Please be patient when contacting STLRR.  We are a volunteer organization with jobs and families of our own to tend to! At this time, STLRR is not accepting Owner Surrendered Labrador Retrievers unless the owner can provide proof of spay/neuter, vaccinations and proof of monthly maintenance on heartworm prevention.  If you are wanting to rehome your Labrador due to a behavior issue, please contact a trainer and/or behaviorist before surrendering.  We would be happy to refer you to a trainer that can assist at a discounted rate.  Houston area shelters are FULL of great dogs, no matter how well bred or great that he/she may be, the chances of YOUR dog getting out of the shelter are SLIM.  Dogs with severe behavior issues WILL BE EUTHANIZED if surrendered to an animal shelter.  STLRR is not currently able to take in dogs that have shown any form of aggression.  A shelter is no place for a dog and is no place for YOUR dog, please find a way to keep your dog in your home.  Because of the high volume of emails that we receive daily requesting our assistance, we are not able to respond to each and every message.
Making a difference in the lives of homeless dogs, one Labrador Retriever at a time…
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